Character Creation

Classes and Requirements
Class Prime Req HP
Fighter STR None D8
Magic User INT None D4
Cleric WIS None D6
Dwarf STR CON 9 D8
Mystic STR+DEX WIS 13 + DEX 13 D6

STEP 1: Roll
Roll 3D6 six times to generate attribute scores.
If the sum of all attributes is less than 54 reroll.1

STEP 2: Pick a Class
Thief abilities have been merged into skills and are available to all classes.1

Class requirements are listed to the right.

You can trade 2 points from INT, WIS or STR for 1 towards your prime as long as they don’t drop below 9.

Note: There is no bonus XP for having a high Prime Attribute.1

Score Change
3 -3
4-5 -2
6-8 -1
9-12 0
13-15 +1
16-17 +2
18 +3

All characters start with 5000XP and 80GP1. This means all classes will begin at level 3, except Elves who begin at level 2.

Beginning alignment choices are Lawful and Neutral.

Attribute modifiers are different from D&D 3.x and provided on the left.

HP is considered maximum for your class each level1.

STEP 3: Skills
Each PC begins with 4 skills, excluding bonus skills for high INT.

A Skill can be taken more than once, with each additional duplicate giving a further +1 bonus to that skill roll.

Any skill roll made without the underlying skill is taken at a -2 modifier.1

Skill List2
Acrobatics DEX Fly (creature) DEX Ride DEX
Appraise INT Handle Animal CHA Sense Motive WIS
Bluff CHA Heal WIS Sleight of Hand DEX
Climb STR Intimidate CHA Spellcraft INT
Craft INT Knowledge (all) INT Stealth DEX
Diplomacy CHA Linguistics INT Survival WIS
Disable Device DEX Perception WIS Swim STR
Disguise CHA Perform CHA Use Magic Device CHA
Escape Artist DEX Profession WIS

1 These are house rules

2 Inspired by Pathfinder

Character Creation

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